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Fauna Marin Iodine 250ml
Fauna Marin
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Fauna Marin Iodine 250ml

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Fauna Marin Iodine 250ml Supplement containing concentrated Iodine.

Helps maintain coral metabolism and pigmentation, sustains dark Blue and Purple coral colouration.

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In marine aquariums Iodine is crucial for general cell functioning and the transfer of nutrients between them. Iodine is constantly consumed by tank inhabitants, therefore, without supplementation its level drops quickly. Iodine is used by corals for synthesizing pigments which allow them to adapt to variable lighting conditions and protect the fragile coral tissues from UV radiation. Iodine intensifies dark blue and purple colouration of hard corals. Appropriate Iodine content in seawater tank supports shrimp molting. Regular dosage of Iodum keeps iodine content at the same level as in natural seawater.

Iodine is one of the most important trace elements for reef aquariums. Iodine occurs in nature in various forms. Organic and inorganic forms are known here, and there are many intermediate forms. For us aquarists only the three inorganic forms of iodine are relevant: iodine and the oxidation forms iodide and iodate. Total iodine is measured via ICP measurements.

A low iodine concentration shows up in dull tissue, reduced growth, colourless growth tips or growth edges as well as clear light sensitivity. Corals become more sensitive to parasites, dinoflagellate infestation by ejected zooxanthellae occurs more frequently. Too high values lead to a darkening of the corals and increased algae growth.


Recommended Iodine level in marine aquariums is 0.055-0.07 ppm


1ml increases I by 0.01ppm per 100L


Do not increase Iodine by more than 0.03 ppm per day.

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