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Aquarium Test Kits

At Rock 'N' Critters, we supply a wide collection of aquarium test kits which help to manage and control the quality of water in your marine aquarium. These help to identify issues with the salinity, nitrate, phosphate or alkalinity levels in your aquarium to avoid nutrient deficiencies and sickness from occurring. 

You can browse our full range of aquarium test kits below:

More on our aquarium test kits

One of the most common issues for fish keepers in regards to their fish's and tank's health is algae. The hated green stuff thrives on waste, light and water and spreads like wildfire throughout your tank. Our aquarium test kits work to tackle algae within its early stages, making it easier for you to treat it and keep the health of your livestock in good shape. 

We recommend keeping a selection of aquarium test kits at your disposal which will let you know if certain algae-feeding chemicals are present in your tank, allowing you to take swift and effective action. 

Learn more about our aquarium test kits by calling us today on 01446 737210, emailing us at or popping into our showroom


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