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Marine Salt

Marine salt is one of your aquarium's most essential ingredients because it helps to encourage coral growth whilst recreating a natural environment for your fish.

Here at Rock 'N' Critters, we stock a wide range of marine salt from some of the aquatic worlds most trusted brands, so that you can create an environment that's full of crucial minerals and natural elements found in the ocean.

Browse our full marine salt range below:

More on our collection of marine salt

Seawater is not a simple mixture of salt and water, in fact, there are many other substances in seawater including dissolved organic and inorganic matter and atmospheric gases. To give your marine fish the best environment, you should choose the right kind of marine salt to emulate natural seawater conditions.

Much of the marine salt that we offer here at Rock 'N' Critters dissolves quickly so your aquarium is able to reap the benefits immediately! We supply marine salt in a variety of quantities, perfect for those who are looking to stock up or just need a quick top-up. 

For more information on our marine salt products, be sure to call us on 01446 737210, email us at or pop into our showroom


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