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Aquarium Coral Care Guide

Adding corals to your marine aquarium is a fantastic way to liven up the tank and bolster the ecosystem you’ve created. But corals are living creatures, just like your fish are, and they must be looked after properly.
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How to take care of coral

If you are planning to add corals to your marine aquarium, you should do some research first. Fish and corals have a symbiotic relationship that’s beneficial to both, but it’s not a good idea to introduce any new organisms to your underwater ecosystem until you have a firm understanding of the impact it will have.

All corals need the following things to survive:
  • Water
  • Food
  • Light
The water in your tank must contain the right nutrients (such as calcium and strontium) if you want your coral to flourish. You will also need a pump to keep the water moving – after all, coral’s natural habitat is the sea, which never stands still!

How do corals eat?

As with fish, every coral species is different, and each one has its own unique needs and its own means of survival.

Some corals feed on zooplankton, which are caught in the coral’s stinging tentacles. Others contain zooxanthellae, a type of algae that lives within the coral polyps and nourishes the coral via photosynthesis (turning light into energy).

We sell a variety of coral feeds here at Rock ‘N’ Critters. The best food for your coral depends on what type of coral you have.
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Types of coral

Broadly speaking, there are three types of coral:

There are numerous differences between each coral type; for example, SPS corals need more sunlight (and more care generally) than LPS corals.

You can incorporate all sorts of different corals into your tank, but before you do so, it’s very important to carry out a bit of research to make sure the new corals will be beneficial to your aquarium and the other creatures who live there.
If you need more coral care tips and advice, please feel free to get in touch with the experts here at Rock ‘N’ Critters. Call us on 01446 737210 or visit our showroom for a face-to-face chat!

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