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Terms for Sale of Livestock

We sell several types of livestock here at Rock ‘N’ Critters, including a wide range marine fish and invertebrates. Our terms of sale are displayed below – please read carefully, and note that you agree to these terms and conditions if you purchase livestock from Rock ‘N’ Critters (whether in store or online).


  1. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to purchase livestock or associated products and chemicals from the Rock ‘N’ Critters store or our online store.
  2. Rock ‘N’ Critters cannot be accountable for the welfare of livestock purchased from Rock ‘N’ Critters once it has left our premises; neither do we accept any returns of livestock due to monitoring or control of disease in our own systems. Please buy responsibly, applying your own research, and inspect your purchases well before leaving the store. The customer accepts that an online purchase of livestock carries further risks. Please note that care information is provided for each animal on its product page under the ‘Species Information’ tab.
  3. Upon purchasing livestock, we ensure that you are to be made aware of each animal’s feeding, care and living requirements, and of the potential difficulty the animals could provoke when placed in a captive environment. Please also remember that some of the animals we sell may contain toxins or poisons that are dangerous to human health and extra special care should be taken when handling these species. Lionfish, boxfish, pufferfish, many corals, zoanthids, etc. are particularly dangerous if handled incorrectly, and certain species can release toxins when stressed. Please note that relevant care information is provided for each animal on its product page under the ‘Species Information’ tab.
  4. Once livestock has been purchased from our store or online store, we strongly recommend that you prevent the possible outcome of diseases or pests by continuing to quarantine both invertebrates and fish to which Rock ‘N’ Critters have already applied appropriate treatment to be ready for sale. We will neither be accountable nor responsible for the welfare of the livestock once it is placed under your care. We would recommend no bag water is emptied into your existing aquarium. Bags containing fish may have trace amounts of copper treatment, therefore we recommend you do not add this to your existing aquarium. Many animals can carry diseases unknown, and often unseen to the naked eye. We strongly urge you to protect your existing livestock display aquarium by following the above guidelines. Advice is freely given by the Rock ‘N’ Critters team on the above quarantine suggestion, and to protect you from experiencing any difficulties with settling your new livestock purchases; however, guarantees on compatibility unfortunately cannot be given, only guidance. Many established animals can show aggression to new arrivals.
  5. We strongly recommend that any corals purchased within the store are to be dipped using recommended products as a means of pest control, and observed closely once taken under your care before being placed in your aquarium. We use many preventative methods for pest control here at Rock ‘N’ Critters; however, you can never be sure that potential hitchhikers or eggs of numerous coral predators or diseases aren't concealed within the animal or the rock it is attached to.
  6. Please follow all recommended acclimatisation procedure information, which can be given freely by Rock ‘N’ Critters staff on request.
  7. Rock ‘N’ Critters takes no responsibility for purchased animals once they have left the store threshold. Animals are only sold in a suitable visibly healthy condition; however, if you encounter a problem, Rock ‘N’ Critters will do its best to resolve your issues. In the first instance, you should report your issue via email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your contact information (including a phone number) so we can contact you at a convenient time about your purchase issues. Any issues that arise from a livestock online orders, can only be dealt with if the parcel is accepted on the couriers 1st delivery attempt. Contact via email including clear photographs MUST be sent to us within 2 hours of the couriers signature. Please include your delivery address and tracking number, and as much information as possible about your purchase, should be detailed clearly within the email. Failure to complete all of the above will void any claim. Please note that we may not be able to take phone calls during busy periods or out of service hours.

    Contact through forums, social media, WhatsApp and other sources is to be discouraged, as Rock ‘N’ Critters cannot guarantee a response via those methods. Email only please.
  8. Livestock deliveries are made by email arrangement only, and may require a further time period to process. We will contact you via email to make suitable arrangements. We offer live deliveries Tuesday to Thursday. Livestock carries an extra delivery charge of £14.99 (Scottish Highlands may incur extra courier charges), no matter how small or large the order, and this may be sent separately to other dry goods purchased at the same time. Please understand that if bad weather conditions prevail or are predicted, we may choose to hold the order until conditions improve; likewise for any transport issues or strikes that may interfere with your live delivery.
  9. By making a livestock purchase, you hereby agree to the above terms and conditions of the sale of livestock at Rock ‘N’ Critters. If you disagree with any of the above terms and conditions, please refrain from purchasing any livestock from us now and in the future. Care of the highest level and industry standards will have been applied to the animals purchased prior to sale. Rock ‘N’ Critters takes enormous pride in its animal welfare; we are also fully pet licensed and insured.
Rock ‘N’ Critters thank you for your custom and we hope you are extremely happy with your livestock purchase.

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