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Aquarium UV Sterilisers

Aquarium UV sterilisers improve your tank's ability to capture and neutralise algae that are present. They work by shining ultraviolet light onto the algae particles that enter your filter, this forces the algae to clump together so it can be dealt with by the bacteria in your tank's filter media. Aquarium UV sterilisers can be used to cleanse your tank without using harsh additives or intrusive algae removal methods.

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More information on our aquarium UV sterilisers

Our range of aquarium UV sterilisers also helps to decrease waterborne pathogens, as well as algae and are an invaluable asset to your aquarium's setup. Adding an aquarium UV steriliser to your tank will improve the efficiency of your water filters and will keep your fish happy and healthy for longer. 

Did you know algae blooms can be a cause of cloudy marine tank water? Fitting your tank with an aquarium UV steriliser will help you avoid this problem altogether!

Need more information on our aquarium UV sterilisers? Why not get in touch with a member of the Rock 'N' Critters team today by calling us on 01446 737210 or emailing us at You can also pop into our showroom if you'd like to discuss our UV sterilisers with one of our experts.


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