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Marine Aquarium Maintenance Guides

Please feel free to download our handy marine aquarium guides below. These free guides have been designed to help you with all that important – and sometimes challenging – aquarium maintenance. With expert advice on everything from tank lighting schedules and water parameters to fish compatibility within your tank, we’re here to give you all the support you need.

We also have a couple of easy-to-use calculators to help you calculate water volume with your aquariums, and to tell you how much live rock you need based on the water volume in your tank.

Download one of our marine aquarium guides

Water Parameter Guide Check the ideal parameters for a healthy, well-balanced aquarium environment. Includes recommendations for salinity, temperature, and much more. Download PDF
Water Parameter Guide
Fish Compatibility Not sure which fish can live together? Use our handy reference chart to check the compatibility of more than 30 different species! Download PDF
Fish Compatibility
Recommended Lighting Schedule Lighting is very important in a marine ecosystem. Check our recommended lighting schedule to find out how much light your aquarium needs. Download PDF
Recommended Lighting Schedule

Use our helpful calculators

Live Rock Calculator Enter your tank’s water volume (in litres) to find out how much live rock you should put in your aquarium.
Live Rock Calculator
Water Volume Calculator Enter the length, width and height of your tank (in centimetres) to find out how much water it will hold.
Fish Compatibility

How much water will my tank hold?

How much live rock do I need?

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