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Reverse Osmosis Systems

A reverse osmosis system can be used to provide optimum water conditions for the fish and marine life in your reef aquarium. Reverse osmosis systems are designed to remove elements and chemicals from normal water to create neutral pH water that has zero hardness. Thanks to our quality reverse osmosis systems, you are able to do just this! 

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More on our reverse osmosis systems

Our reverse osmosis systems eradicate pesticides, calcium, lead, copper, magnesium, fluoride, arsenic and benzene from your aquarium. They are an essential element for any aquarium owner looking to carefully control their water by providing pure water right from the get-go. This process offers consistent and predictable results, allowing you to add your desired levels of alkalinity, salt and hardness to your water to produce the perfect environment in your aquarium! 

How do reverse osmosis systems work?

Reverse osmosis systems work by forcing the saltwater from your marine tank through a semi-permeable reverse osmosis membrane, separating out the dissolved salts and other unwanted particulates. The amount of pressure required depends on the salinity of the water. Saltier marine water requires higher pressure to pass through the reverse osmosis system.

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