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D-D KH Manager
D-D KH Manager
D-D KH Manager
D-D KH Manager
D-D KH Manager
D-D KH Manager
  • D-D KH Manager
  • D-D KH Manager
  • D-D KH Manager
  • D-D KH Manager
  • D-D KH Manager
  • D-D KH Manager
D-D The Aquarium Solution
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D-D KH Manager

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D-D KH Manager is a stand-alone, app-controlled device, which automatically samples and tests your tank water for pH and KH, then calculates and auto-doses a precise volume of KH solution using the built in stepper pump to maintain a constant alkalinity level within your aquarium. Purchase of the optional E1 expansion box allows the KHManager to be linked with up to two D-D P4/P4 PRO 4 channel pumps and use the inbuilt software to provide automatic adjustments of the existing dosing schedules of one or more of the heads on those connected pumps, adjusting the dosing volume up or down relative to the measured KH demand. In this way the KHManager simplifies the handling of multi element dosing, avoiding the gradual drift if one solution is adjusted in isolation and making it ideal for more complex solutions such as the Reef Zlements Complete or pHPlus 2 part dosing systems. You can also connect a single Kamoer FX-STP to automatically adjust the speed of supply water to a calcium reactor. The stepper motor-driven pump heads, precision pH probe, twin optical sensors, automatic stirring and flushing protocols are all important features that ensure each test sample is collected, tested and dosed with the greatest possible accuracy. Unexpected high or low readings, (out of trend), are automatically retested to safeguard against sample errors and user-defined limits alert against over or under dosing outside of set parameters. 

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Automatic and Manual Testing- In the app it is possible to manually perform an immediate test with the KH Manager or to set up a regular automated testing schedule. Automatic schedules can be programmed to test between 1 and 24 times per day, this can be every day of the week, certain days of the week or a set number of days, giving the user full flexibility. After each test the result is shown on the units display for quick reference along with the time/date the test was performed. In the app a full data log is shown for both pH and KH along with any automatic additions of KH buffer solution if the dosing option is activated.

Automated dosing of KH Buffer- Automated KH maintenance can be activated to maintain a stable and consistent level. Once the test has been performed a dedicated built in dosing channel will activate to add a liquid buffer raising the KH in the aquarium to the user defined set point. The amount of buffer added in one dose can be limited to avoid any large single additions. If the volume to be dosed is higher than the amount allowed in one addition an automatic dosing schedule will be created to break the dose into smaller increments over a period of time and displayed in the app.

WiFi Cloud or Bluetooth App Control- The KH Manager is fully app controlled through your smart phone or tablet. Using the Kamoer Remote app it is possible to choose between connecting the pump through your home router allowing access to the unit from anywhere in the world or use a local Bluetooth connection to connect directly from your mobile device. Both options will give you full access to all settings. 

Warnings and Alerts- With any equipment that is relied upon to perform automated processes on a reef aquarium, it is important that any abnormalities are shown in real time so that any issues can be corrected. Along with the inbuilt monitoring of the dosing, reagent and waste containers, the KH Manager will alert when attention is needed and various alert parameters can be set or are already active. Push notifications can be enabled for test results that are out of your set range, such as, if a test result is abnormal compared to the last, if the reagent is not detecting properly or if the pH probe is not reading correctly. The KH Manager can also be set to perform an automatic second test to confirm an abnormal reading or automatically increase the rate of testing until the KH is within the desired range. The LCD display on the front of the unit will show high, low, or normal with the last tested KH and pH readings for quick reference.

Colour Coded tubes- For ease of use the hose connection ports on the back of the unit are colour coded and match the hoses provided with the unit. This allows you to identify each hose without having to chase it back through your cabinet, and will help to prevent hoses being mixed up or incorrect installation. Easy release twist lock connectors make connecting and disconnecting hoses simple, even in a confined space.

Dosing pump heads- The KH Manager comes with four easy to access dosing pumps. Three of the pumps are stepper motor driven and high accuracy, these are used for taking the sample water from the aquarium or sump, dosing the test reagent and for the addition of the KH buffer solution. The fourth is a long life geared pump for removing water from the test beaker during the pre-test flushing and washing cycles. All hoses leading to and from the pump heads can be easily changed and accessed without having to dismantle the unit or requiring the use of any specialist tools.


KH Manager unit
pH Probe
Glass sample beaker
5ml Glass measuring cylinder
10ml Measuring cylinder
High precision digital scales
pH 4 and 9.18 Calibration solutions
KH test reagent
5 x 2m colour coded PVC tubes
Tube holder
Quick release twist lock hose connectors
Stirring bead
Prefilter capsule
Power supply


230mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 338mm (H)
2.8 inch LCD display
24V 1.9A DC Power supply
3mm x 5mm PVC tubing
1-24 test per day
50ml sample volume
1-10 times test beaker flushing
Testing frequency, daily / every ‘X’ days / specific days
3 x Stepper motor pump heads
1 x Geared motor pump head
BNC pH probe connector

Device Features

Fully automated KH testing and solution dosing functions
Expandable for automatic multi-element dosing via optional E1 connection box and add-on pump

App controlled by Cloud Wi-Fi or local Bluetooth on IOS or Android device
Built-in LCD display screen showing status, progress and real-time testing 
Twin medical grade optical sensors for accurate reagent drop counting
High precision stepper motor-driven pump heads using PharMed® long-life tubing
Pump heads can be individually calibrated and easily serviced 

Data and programming stored on unit in case of power or connection loss 
Lab-grade pH probe
DIN port for connection and expansion with other D-D/ Kamoer dosing pumps
Colour-coded tubing and ports for ease of identification
Glass test beaker with automated magnetic stirrer and large stirring bead 

Digital scales and measuring cylinders included for accurate pump calibration
Real-time clock with battery backup
Slim, compact housing for easy installation, maintenance and use

Control Features

Automatic and manual test mode functions
1 - 24 tests per day 

Testing frequency, daily / every ‘X’ days / specific days
User-defined settings: 
  - set KH level 
  - minimum / maximum pH and KH levels 
  - maximum KH solution additions and intervals 
  - re-testing in the case of an abnormal high/low reading 
  - test beaker flushing frequency 

In-app notifications: 
  - data reporting on test results and dosing volumes 
  - graphs showing historical pH and KH test results 
  - display of test reagent, KH solution and wastewater bottle levels
Push alerts for abnormal readings or low/high solution levels 

Automatic calibration alerts 

Firmware updatable via the Kamoer Remote app

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