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Super Turbo Snail
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Super Turbo Snail

Turbo fluctuosa
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Super Turbo Snail also known as the Mexican Turbo Snail are known to quickly eliminates large amounts of nuisance algae and are particularly fond of hair algae which they will consume mass quantities of it and other algae off your live rock and aquarium glass.

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The Super Turbo Snail is popular among reef aquarium hobbyists, since it quickly eliminates large amounts of nuisance algae. They are particularly fond of hair algae and will consume mass quantities of it and other algae off your live rock and aquarium glass. The Super Turbo Snail has a thick, top- or turban-shaped shell with an irridescent interior.

An excellent member of your aquarium's cleanup crew, the Super Turbo Snail thrives in crevices and holes in natural reefs. In the home aquarium, the Super Turbo Snail needs ample hiding places and large spaces to graze. Some reef aquarists prefer to keep the Super Turbo Snail in aquariums with well-secured rockwork since this active herbivore is known to bulldoze loose rocks in search of food. The peaceful Super Turbo Snail should not be kept with aggressive tankmates that can quickly overcome this slow-moving creature.

If algae levels are insufficient, supplement the diet of the Super Turbo Snail with dried seaweed. Also, adequate calcium levels are required to help this member of the Turbinidae family build its protective shell.

Like other invertebrates, the Super Turbo Snails is very sensitive to copper-based medications and high nitrate levels. To acclimate the Super Turbo Snail, employ the drip-acclimation method since it is intolerant of even the smallest fluctuations in water parameters.

Minimum Aquarium Size

100 L

Max Size

5 cm

Reef Safe












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