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Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel
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Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel

Echidna polyzona
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Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel also known as the Barred Moray, Ringed Moray or Banded Moray are found from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Hawaiian, Marquesan, and Tuamoto islands, north to the Ryukyu Islands, south to the Great Barrier Reef.

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The Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel is an attractive eel with a pattern of alternating pale and black or dark brown bands.

The Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel requires an aquarium with very strong filtration. The addition of an efficient protein skimmer is highly recommended as the carnivore diet of this eel tends to generate a lot of waste. Aquascape liberally with live rock of varying shapes and sizes to create a network of caves, crevices, and tunnels for your Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel to explore and seek shelter during the day. Large or appropriately sized PVC tubes can also be used to create artificial "dens". Most active at night, the Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel spends most of the day hiding, moving about mostly at night in search of food. 

All Moray Eels are escape artists and to prevent loss, secure a tightly-fitting aquarium top and make sure there are no openings for the eel to slip through.

The Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel is generally a nonaggressive species that can be kept with other Morays, as well as with other fish as they rarely consume fish tank mates. They will however feed on ornamental crustaceans.

A predator by nature, the Barred Pebbletooth Moray Eel requires two or three substantial meals per week comprised of meaty foods such as frozen lance fish, krill, shrimp, or crustacean flesh, offered on a feeder stick. Moray Eels have poor eye sight and should never be fed by hand to avoid injury. It is imperative to be cautious with Moray Eels as they possess powerful jaws along with seriously sharp teeth.

Minimum Aquarium Size

200 L

Max Size

72 cm

Reef Safe

With caution








West Indian Ocean


Wild Caught



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