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Maldive Skunk Clownfish
Maldive Skunk Clownfish
Maldive Skunk Clownfish
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  • Maldive Skunk Clownfish
  • Maldive Skunk Clownfish
  • Maldive Skunk Clownfish
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Maldive Skunk Clownfish

Amphiprion nigripes
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Maldive Skunk Clownfish also known as the Chocolate Clownfish or Yellow Chocolate Clownfish are found around the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

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The Maldive Skunk Clownfish has a peach-orange base colour with one white stripe over the gill cover and a dark chocolate belly.

The Maldive Skunk Clownfish is a bit more challenging to spawn and rear than other clownfish species in the home aquarium, but with some effort can be accomplished by the dedicated marine aquarist. The females will be the largest of the pair and the two fish will usually stay close to each other in the aquarium. Clownfish are egg layers and will deposit the eggs on a flat surface and defend the eggs from other tank mates. The eggs will normally hatch in 8-11 days depending on the water temperature. The fry must be reared in a separate aquarium on a diet of rotifers followed by baby brine shrimp. The post-metamorphic juveniles will exhibit strong schooling or "balling" behaviors that can continue into adulthood. 

Maldive Skunk Clownfish do well in an aquarium containing almost any anemone type, In nature they are found to host Ritteri Anemones.

The Maldive Skunk Clownfish diet consists of almost any chopped meaty food items, pellet and flake foods.


Minimum Aquarium Size

150 L

Max Size

11 cm

Reef Safe









Indian Ocean


Wild Caught



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