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Snow Storm Clownfish
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Snow Storm Clownfish

Amphiprion ocellaris
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The Snow Storm Clownfish also known as Plasma Storm Clownfish is a distinct designer clownfish that derives its lineage and namesake from a mutation that appeared during selective captive breeding of the clownfish. 

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The Snow Storm Clownfish demonstrates a pearly white body colour with minimal dark colouration on the fins and mouth. The Snow Storm Clownfish appears very similar to a Wyoming White, but have an all-white face with fins accented with or without a brilliant platinum blue colouration. Markings on the Snow Storm Clownfish are unique to each individual.

They may form a symbiotic relationship with the following species of anemones; Carpet (Stichodactyla sp.), Sebae (Heteractis crispa), Bulb (Entacmaea quadricolor), or Ritteri (Heteractis magnifica). Though the Snow Storm Clownfish does not require an anemone to thrive.

The Snow Storm Clownfish, like several other captive-bred clownfish, can be bred in the home aquarium with relative ease and is one of the most common "starter" fish for saltwater breeders. The female will be the larger of the pair, and two fish will usually stay close to each other in the aquarium.

The Snow Storm Clownfish is an omnivore, requiring both meaty foods as well as some greens in their diet. A high-quality marine flake food, rich in spirulina algae, as well as freeze-dried and frozen foods are readily accepted.

Minimum Aquarium Size

50 L

Max Size

9 cm

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