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Tricolour Anthias
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Tricolour Anthias

Pseudanthias rubrizonatus
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Tricolour Anthias also known as the Red Belted Anthias, Red Gridled Anthias, Red Bar Anthias or Redband Anthias are found from the Andaman Sea to the Solomon Islands, north to southern Japan, south to northwestern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef.

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The Tricolour Anthias is a beautifully coloured anthias with a bold personality. This hardy beauty animates the reef aquarium with its eye-catching medley of warm pink, orange and red colouration. True to its namesake, the Tricolour Anthias is easily distinguished by a vertical belt or band of red colouration that nearly perfectly bisects the posterior and anterior halves. Though hardy and gorgeously colored, the Tricolour Anthias displays aggression towards conspecifics and other anthias and must be housed appropriately to ensure aquarium harmony.

As with many Anthias species, the Tricolour Anthias can be kept singly or in small shoals comprised of several females with one male per group. In its natural habitat, the Tricolour Anthias is found in aggregations around isolated coral heads and rubble patches at depths between 65 to 436 feet.

To recreate habitat for the Tricolour Anthias, aquascape your aquarium liberally with live rock, creating a steep reef profile with numerous caves and other hiding places. Be sure to maintain open areas and plenty of surface area for proper water oxygenation. Members of the Anthias group all share the trait of being hermaphroditic. If a dominant male perishes, the largest female of the group can morph into a fully functioning male to take its place.

Once acclimated to a new aquarium, Anthias do best when fed a varied diet of frozen mysis shrimp, enriched frozen brine shrimp, and over time may eat high-quality flake foods offered in small quantities throughout the day. An attached refugium cultivating copepods and amphipods provides a steady supply of nutritious live food sure to keep this active planktivore content.

Minimum Aquarium Size

500 L

Max Size

10 cm

Reef Safe









Central Pacific


Wild Caught



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