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Walking Batfish
Walking Batfish
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  • Walking Batfish
  • Walking Batfish
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Walking Batfish

Ogcocephalus corniger
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Walking Batfish also known as the Walking Sea Bat or Longnose Batfish are found from North Carolina and northern Gulf of Mexico in USA to southern Bahamas.

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The Walking Batfish has a horizontally flattened body, mottled reddish-brown to a dark tan, they may have dark spots along the sides and fins. In behavior, it is closely related to the angler fish.

The Walking Batfish has a moveable antennae-like structure on its nose. When hungry, the Walking Batfish nearly freezes on the sea floor, moving this antennae back and forth. When a small fish gets curious and moves in for inspection, the Walking Batfish opens its mouth and sucks in the unsuspecting victim.

The Walking Batfish is a very poor swimmer, but has developed very strong pectoral and pelvic fins that it uses as hands and feet to creep along the sea floor. The Walking Batfish has been seen jumping, crawling and even walking on "all fours". When threatened, the Walking Batfish immediately buries itself in the sandy bottom.

Because of its slow locomotion, it cannot even begin to compete with fast-moving fish, so tankmates must be chosen with this in mind. The Walking Batfish needs an aquarium with a sand/gravel/loose mud substrate. This and dim lighting will provide the best environment for this fish.

The Walking Batfish requires a diet of crustaceans and polychaete worms along with chopped fish. It may, however, refuse to eat in an aquarium. When first introduced into the aquarium, live feeder shrimp should be used to entice this fish to eat.

Minimum Aquarium Size

300 L

Max Size

23 cm

Reef Safe

With caution










Wild Caught



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