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Dracula Shrimp Goby
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Dracula Shrimp Goby

Stonogobiops dracula
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Dracula Goby also known as the Dracula Shrimp Goby are found on relatively shallow reefs of the Indian Ocean and the Maldives, the Dracula Goby inhabit open sand areas dotted with rubble near the base of reef structures where they usually burrow in partnership with a Pistol Shrimp.

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The Dracula Goby is prized for its unusual and beautiful, stark colouration. Its body is a pure white, rarely seen in the aquarium hobby. But it is the thick bands of deep oxblood red, alternated with thinner stripes of reddish-orange, that place Dracula Goby in a class of elegance wholly its own. 

Like other Shrimp Gobies in the Gobiidae family, the Dracula Goby digs shallow burrows in sandy substrate and seldom strays far from its claimed territory. Instead, most prefer to perch on the sand just outside or hover in the water column directly above the burrow entrance.

While poised outside its burrow, the Dracula Goby keeps a watchful eye for both predators and prey. If a larger or aggressive fish approaches, the Dracula Goby will dart back into its burrow to hide. If prey is found floating in the water column, however, Dracula Goby will quickly burst upwards and snatch it before returning almost directly to the mouth of its burrow. 

Another characteristic the Dracula Goby share with other Shrimp Gobies, is that the Dracula Goby will also pair with pistol shrimp. Most seem to prefer Candy Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus randalli) as their burrowmate. However, to best promote this symbiotic relationship, both the Dracula Goby and its hopeful pistol shrimp counterpart should be introduced into the aquarium at the same time. Though peaceful, the Dracula Goby will sometimes spar with similar species, or more aggressive fish of similar size to defend its territory. However, most live peacefully with almost any non-predatory fish in a suitable sized aquarium of at least 50 Litres. 

Feed these carnivores a varied diet of mysis shrimp and other chopped frozen meaty foods, and suitable flake and pellet foods. Most gobies do best when fed multiple small meals throughout the day. To best recreate natural feeding conditions, it is best to place the food in the outflow of a water pump or wavemaker so it actively disperses into the water column.

Minimum Aquarium Size

50 L

Max Size

8 cm

Reef Safe









Indian Ocean


Wild Caught



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